October 19, 2019

Life Lately

I have the week off of school, so I thought I'd come up with another reason to avoid the laundry and resurrect my blog with a little journal entry/life update. First things first, Jake and I celebrated 8 years of marriage this week! We went out for a kid-free steak dinner and a movie, which felt like a Caribbean cruise. Once upon a time we went out to dinner and a movie twice a week and had a coffee table with glass votives on top. Now we wake up like popcorn throughout the night and have a personal landfill of diapers, which is the perfect segue into our most important/amazing life change within the past year: baby Mae!

We both stood in shock staring at a positive pregnancy test on June 14, 2018 and welcomed the most perfect baby girl February 13, 2019. Let me tell you, having two colicky babies at once as your baptism by fire into parenthood makes for a smooth transition into number 3. Don't get me wrong, we had some very very rough and tumble moments as the twins tried to adjust to sharing me with someone they weren't used to sharing with. Overall though, it has been an amazing experience and Mae has added measurable peace and happiness to our home. Sunny and Guy still talk about meeting her at the hospital, but I'm not sure they even remember life without her anymore. She knows how to army crawl her way into the playroom and hold her own, and the twins like to make sure I answer right away to her every cry.  Having 3 under 3 isn't something we ever envisioned for our life but it has been so rewarding despite the challenges.

Another notable change in our family in 2019: We moved! Within the same neighborhood, and literally less than a 30 second drive away from our old house, but we moved. We couldn’t leave our neighborhood, ward, and incredible friends, but we needed more space to fit another baby since the twins would never fall asleep in the same room at this point. I never would have chosen to do it all while 8 months pregnant, but that’s how it happened, and it almost put me into early labor HA. Luckily, I made it through and waddled my way into my scheduled C-section on the 13th.

A few months after Mae came along, a little dream of mine that I had been pushing to the back of my mind for years started consuming my thoughts and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, I decided to go back to school for my master’s in marriage and family therapy and stop listening to the voice in my head that was reeeaallly good at listing all the reasons why I couldn’t do it. I started at the end of August and I can luckily do most everything online (Except for two intensives, the practicum, and internship which I’m just not thinking about yet). I’m still working mostly from home and spending almost every moment with the kids and yet, everything has worked out so far. I feel at peace with my decision and although I have way more on my plate now, the anxious feeling that comes with ignoring an unrealized dream is gone, and that makes it all worth it.

Sunny and Guy are seriously the funniest right now. They also have tested my patience more than anything else I’ve ever experienced, but I’ve done more inner growth within the past year than my whole adult life combined, so I have them to thank for spearheading that! Parenthood! I recently bought a “funny things my kids say” journal to quickly write down everything they tell me that makes me laugh, because heaven forbid I forget even one little detail of their personalities right now. They’ve started to play pretend together and have their own long conversations, usually about what animals they’re going to get for their birthday. Guy will suggest an animal, and Sunny will tell him whether or not it’s too dangerous to have as a pet. I love having twins and seeing two completely different kids be so connected and in tune with each other. My heart could burst 8294 times per day.

Here are some happy photos from the past few(ish) months:


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