January 11, 2020

the last few months of the decade

I planned on blogging about Halloween, but then I sneezed and it was January and that pretty much sums up life right now. Full speed and just FULL, period. On January 10th Jake and I celebrated the TENTH anniversary of the day we met.. and by celebrated I mean acknowledged, and picked up Chick-fil-A. I wish those two kids still on the strip at midnight could see us now: knee deep in babies and Netflix date nights with a whole lot of life and love behind us. The best part is, our life's just getting started!
Below is a profusion of photos from Halloween through Christmas, including Jake turning 31 and the twins turning 3. We're about to start a movie so I'm going to skip trying to explain the magic we experienced this year. Magic peppered with sparkly holiday anxiety of course, but magic nonetheless! Bring it on 2020! 

^This picture is my favorite because this is how Sunny looks when she's telling Guy something really important

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