July 10, 2012

Midway Photo Diary

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Our family trip to Midway last week consisted of too many fun things to count and ended way too soon.  On the 4th we saw the Beach Boys live, and I have to say hearing thousands of people sing along to Surfer Girl and Barbara Ann was definitely a highlight. They also played my favorite, God Only Knows, and then there were crazy fireworks (I love fireworks) so I may or may not have freaked out more than once that night. I love America. My diet on the trip went as follows: Pizza, dippin' dots, repeat. One of the nights we went to see Spiderman in the extremely small town of Heber, and I asked the boy at the candy counter if they had Dibs (my favorite movie treat).  After he looked at me like I was crazy I tried to describe them and he says, "Oh, ma'am, that's dippin' dots," to which I responded, "No it's not, I already had dippin' dots twice today." So besides eating my body weight in little balls of ice cream, I spent every second I could with my little nephews, brothers, and sister in law from the East Coast. Our week was full of water parks, shopping, Park City, slides, great views, floating the river, UTV's, Bachi Ball, and movie nights. I live for times like these!       


  1. How fun! I love all those pictures! And dippin' dots can never get old. :)

  2. How perfect are these pictures?! Looks like you had the best time!


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